Wellington Ballet Theatre

Board of Directors and Staff

Wellington Ballet Theatre maintains strong leadership through its Board of Directors, Artistic Directors and choreographers. It is through their powerful vision and excellent guidance that we are able to implement concentrated upper-level programming, enabling our dancers to achieve a high level of technical skill and artistic interpretation. Having such knowledgeable and passionate experts coming together to guide the Wellington Ballet Theatre in business and artistry allows us to provide dancers, from diverse backgrounds, with the necessary broad skills and knowledge to develop as versatile dancers, so that they are better able to meet the demands of the changing environment of professional dance today.


Rocky & Dorie Duvall

Executive Director

Rocky Duvall

Artistic Director

Rocky Duvall

Director of Ballet

Melissa Waters

Director of Wardrobe

Dorie Duvall

Company Manager

Randy Ballen


Board of Directors

Nathalie Montpeirous - President

Lannie Simpson-Gay - Vice President

Andrea Main - Secretary

Andrea Bayer - Member

Chris Simpson - Member

Jan McArt - Honorary Member