W.A.V.E (Wellington Artists Vocal Ensemble), MOMENTUM DANCE COMPANY, & BROADWAY STARS

Class & Program Descriptions

BALLET with Melissa Waters McCoy and Kristin Lang

Ballet is a strong foundation for all dance, and is at the center of our programming. It is beautiful, flowing and elegant, but also strong. Musical awareness is constantly stressed as fluidity and flexibility are encouraged and strength is built. Classes emphasize proper technique and body alignment, as well as flexibility, strength, grace, coordination, the use of turn-out from the hips, pointing feet and the coordination of the arms and head movements. Students are taught ballet exercises at the barre and center floor, progressing towards more complex combinations as the levels increase. Students will also concentrate study in ballet terminology, musicality and performance. Ballet programming is overseen by our Director of Ballet, Melissa Waters (an ABT certified teacher in Pre-Primary through Level 5) . Dancers will be introduced to the foundations of ballet in their pre-k classes, and then again with a deeper foundation in Pre-Ballet. As the students become more proficient, they will be graduated to Ballet Levels I - IV, ballet variations and Pointe. Students can expect to remain in each level for two years to master the necessary techniques they will need in order to progress to the higher levels.    


POINTE with Melissa Waters McCoy 

Pointe is the study of a very advanced form of ballet, which allows the dancer to rise up “en pointe” to the tips of her shoes. To develop the strength and technique necessary dancers must be very committed to their ballet classes and be working at an advanced level.  


For the Dance Arts Conservatory students who wish to take their dance to the next level, we strongly encourage those serious students to consider joining the Wellington Ballet Theatre. Founded by Rocky and Dorie Duvall in 2011, the Wellington Ballet Theatre is a pre-professional dance company dedicated to providing the highest standards of classical training, dance education and performance to the South Florida area. Wellington Ballet Theater seeks to build self-esteem and professionalism in its dancers as well as to promote a deep appreciation of dance arts throughout the community. We strive to be an example of excellence for dancer development, providing intensive artistic and dance experience in preparation for student's entrance into professional dance careers, with an emphasis on ballet. WBT offers   Promoting and Preserving The Classical Dance Arts In Our Communities Wellington Ballet Theatre is dedicated to promoting and preserving the dance arts in our communities. It provides a cultural experience by dancing historical and classical ballets as well as original & innovative choreographies. The auditions, workshops, master classes, and dance demonstrations are open to all members of the community, providing an outlet for all students of artistic merit to express themselves and learn more about classical dance as a form of art. Wellington Ballet Theatre is able to implement concentrated upper-level programming, enabling the dancers to achieve a high level of technical skill and artistic interpretation. Having such knowledgeable and passionate experts coming together in business and artistry provides dancers, from diverse backgrounds, with the necessary broad skills and knowledge to develop as versatile dance artists, so that they are better able to meet the demands of the changing environment of professional dance today. The program provides Trainee, Apprentice and Corps level programs to accommodate the younger ballet dancers of our community. This collection of younger talent will be the pool from which we eventually select our upper-division ballet dancers for our Company.     

JAZZ with Rocky Duvall, Dorie Duvall & Sarah Manuel

Jazz is high-energy style of dance that can be seen in everything from Fosse’s greatest Broadway performances to High School Musical to So You Think You Can Dance. Technique is the foundation of jazz movement so students are greatly encouraged to develop a strong background in ballet. Class begins with warm-ups, incorporating stretch and flexibility exercises with isolations of the head, shoulders, ribcage, feet and arms. The class also incorporates floor work, center technique, across the floor combinations and choreography.    

TAP with Rocky Duvall & Sarah Manuel

In tap the feet become percussive instruments. Classes emphasize rhythm, style and sound. Students study basic tap steps, combinations and rhythm with an emphasis on developing proper tap technique and producing clear tap sounds. The students understanding of the style is reinforced by the sounds they make and how their movements fit into music. Younger tap students learn to count music and advanced students learn rhythmic patterns with intricate footwork.

HIP HOP with Larry Albright

Hip Hop is high-energy urban dance form as seen in music videos by artists such as Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Usher and in movies such as Step Up. Hip-Hop has a range of styles, from breakdancing to pop-n-lock and krumping. At DAC we ensure that all of our children’s hip-hop classes are family-friendly and that ‘clean’ music is utilized while dancing. This class teaches rhythm, musicality, coordination, and age-appropriate choreography with no suggestive lyrics or movement. This is an excellent class for high energy kids who want to take a fun dance class.  

LYRICAL with Dorie Duvall & Fran Peters

Lyrical dance is often emotional, and can be powerful and delicate, all at the same time. A solid, ballet-based technique is an essential component of this style of dance, as it fuses the stylized and seamless movements of jazz with the elegance and grace of ballet. This style is unique in how it focuses on the relationship between the lyrics of the song with specific dance movements, having a strong emphasis on an emotional presentation of the choreography. Class consists of center warm up and technique exercises, additional floor stretch and conditioning. Diagonal work for turns, jumps and jazz style linking steps. A dance combination is taught at the end of class emphasizing musicality, performance and memorization.

CONTEMPORARY with Melissa Waters McCoy

This style is seen on the hit TV show, So You Think You Can Dance, through the choreography of Mia Michaels. It is a freeing style of dance that blends elements of modern, lyrical, and ballet to synergize an organic and naturalistic expression of movement.

MODERN with Samantha Cyprian
This class is a movement synthesis where modern technique - routed in the traditional principles of body awareness – is combined with the precision and extemporaneous forms of contemporary dance. The class covers floor work and standing progressions; challenging the body in rhythmic propulsion, dynamic energy and subtle articulation re-defining oppositional strength and kinetic flow.

ACRO with Melissa Waters McCoy & Sarah Manuel

This class is appropriate for dancers who are beginner and intermediate acro students. Classes will teach students how to perform basic acro skills and to combine them beautifully with dancing in performance. Class will begin with basic acro skills such as bridges, rolls, cartwheels, standing backbends, and limbers. As the class progresses they will be introduced to more intermediate acro skills such as walkovers and handsprings. Dancers will work barefoot during all acro classes

TECHNIQUE CLASS with Fran Peters


CREATIVE MOVEMENT "Mommie and Me" with Dorie Duvall  

Our Creative Movement Classes are offered for our tiniest dancers, 2 ½ - 3 years old. This class invites parents (or childs guardian) to join in the joys of class. It combines elements of creative movement through the use of imaginative props, improvisation, mime and creative play to help develop coordination, gross motor skills, spatial awareness, and a love for classical music. Proper class etiquette is encouraged as the students are taught how to behave appropriately in dance class. Gently introducing these tiny dancers to the basics of classical ballet and tap dance provides them with a comprehensive and nurturing foundation from which they will grow and instills in them a love of dance to last a lifetime.      


LEVEL I (Ballet and Tap)

LEVEL II & III (Jazz and Tap)

Our preschool and Kindergarten combination classes combine both tap and ballet and are offered for growing ballerinas and tappers, 3-5 and 5-7 years old. In ballet, the positions of the feet and arms are learned as well as basic movements such as plie, releve, tendus, and rond de jambe. Bourees, partner chasses and grand jettes are also practiced across the floor, and the use of correct ballet terminology is emphasized throughout the entire program. In tap, the children will learn how to stand at the barre and also practice a regular warm-up on marks in center. Basic tap steps will be emphasized; toe taps, shuffles, flaps, toe-heels, heel-drops, (boogie-woogies and rock-n-rolls!) will all be taught in variation throughout the year. Imaginative props such as streaming ribbons, teddy bears, hoola hoops, bean bags and tambourines will be used to teach and inspire the children as they learn. As the students progress to level II, Jazz is incorporated and strong technique is taught right from the beginning. Class begins with center warm-ups, incorporating stretch and flexibility exercises with isolations of the head, shoulders, ribcage, feet and arms. The class also incorporates floor work, center technique, across the floor combinations and choreography. Class etiquette is emphasized and creative play and improvisation are still used to keep the atmosphere fun and lighthearted. The absolute magic of this class is that the ‘learning’ is wrapped in so much fun; the children never even realize that they have absorbed the foundations of so much technique!  

ADULT CLASSES with Dorie Duvall, Rocky Duvall & Melissa Waters McCoy

We appreciate our parents, and our adult students. Everyone needs a place to dance and express themselves artistically and so we are very happy to provide excellent programming for our adults.  Based on class demand, adult classes are frequently offered in Classical Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Tap.  We love our adult classes and hope that you will too!

ACTING CLASSwith Emily Barona-Gilbert

Acting 1

  • Introduction to Improvisation. Learn to play with the given circumstances. Explore through the "4 Rules of Improv".
  • Introduction to Acting. Learn the basic do's and don'ts while on stage. Learn about the different acting styles and how to warm up and prepare for a performance.
  • Introduction to Script Analysis. Learn to properly navigate through a script and how to read stage directions and lines

Acting 2

  • Build on concepts learned in Acting 1.
  • Now that script analysis basics are established the class will work on duet acting scenes. 
  • Class will expand on Improv basics through long form improv scenes. Class will also have the opportunity to use improv in the given circumstances of their duet acting scenes. This will allow actors to explore the character in an unscripted manner.
  • Introduction to Stage Combat. Learn basic combat moves safely. Learn to incorporate in current and future scene work.

Acting 3

  • Expand on Acting Styles learned in Acting 1. Explore different options through scene work and how each style calls for different types of research methods.
  • Shakespeare & Movement. Learn about character archetypes and how different characters "lead" or act with different parts of the body.
  • Duet scenes will be used to incorporate the course work.


Through this extensive musical theatre program, students experience DANCING, SINGING, ACTING, SETS, PROPS, and COSTUMES in professional and blackbox theaters with professional sound equipment. The program produces Blackbox & Mainstage player productions providing upwards of 20+ performances each year showcasing 4 Broadway musicals (featured in full, Jr, and Kids versions). With scripts acquired from the acclaimed Musical Theatre International and  Tams Witmark Music Library Inc., the directors, musical directors and choreographers bring each production to life for all of the performers through their expert knowledge and professional experiences in the industry. Producers Rocky and Dorie Duvall are both members of Actors Equity Association and bring their rich understanding of musical theater to the students who have a passion for performance and a desire to learn.

Under the Artistic Direction of Rocky Duvall

With directors Rocky Duvall, Emily Barona-Gilbert & Devi Master

And musical directors: Andrew Gilbert & Melissa Boher-Jacobson