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What is power2give.org?

The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County is partnering with power2give.org to help increase funding for arts and culture nonprofit initiatives in our community. Power2give.org, a crowd funding platform devoted to supporting nonprofits through targeted donations, turns arts and culture projects into a reality. Power2give.org allows organizations to post and promote projects in need of funding and invites donors to contribute directly to the projects.

Thank you to all of the contributors that supported our production of Peter Pan through the Power2give!

Karen and Jeff Anderson
Matthew Ballen
Randy Ballen
Faustina Braun
Gregory Day
Ingrid Duvall
Andrew Gilbert
Stephanie Hickerty
Judith Keiser
Kristin McMullen
Loren Schoenberg
Donald Schoenberg
Erin Schoenberg
Christina and Michael Tooby
Jeff Waters
Julie Woods

For more information about Power2Give go to http://www.palmbeachculture.com/power2give