Recital Dress Rehearsal


​(Thursday, May 25th)

Recital Rehearsal Schedule for Thursday, May 25

This is the actual REHEARSAL STAGE TIME SCHEDULED FOR THE CLASS LISTED.  Please arrive for the dress rehearsal time 30 minutes earlier than what is scheduled.  Dress rehearsal is at the Palm Beach Central High School Auditorium on Forest Hill Blvd.

4:00        Flesh and Bone, Devan Solo

4:05        Jar of Hearts, Shelby Solo

4:10        Humble and Kind, Valen Solo

4:15        Mamma Mia, Anna Solo

4:20        Rise Up, Jordan Solo

4:25        Skyfall, Maci and Josie Duet                                                                          

4:30        Walking on Sunshine, Momentum B                                                            

4:35        So Cold, Momentum A

4:40        Shake Your Groove Thing, Momentum B

4:45        Lost Boy, Momentum C

4:50        Angels and Demons, Momentum A

4:55        Market Diktat, Momentum B

5:00        Don’t Rain on My Parade, Momentum A

5:05        Havana Slide, Momentum C

5:10        Sound of Silence, Momentum A/B

5:30        Zoot Suit Riot, Momentum A

5:40        Contemporary Level III (Mon 8:00)

5:55        Contemporary Level IV (Tue 8:00)

6:10        Lyrical Level III (Sat 11:00)

6:25        Jazz Level IV (Thu 7:30)

6:55        Jazz Level III (Wed 8:00)

7:20        Ballet Level III (Thu 6:30)/Ballet Level IV (Tue 6:30)            

7:45        Tap Level III (Thu 6:30)/Tap Level IV (Thu 5:30)

8:10        Ballet Level II/III (Wed 6:00)

8:30        Lyrical IV (Wed 6:00)

8:45        Dorie Jazz Class (Sat 2:00)

9:00        Variations (Wed 8:30)